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For the shows below, MurFX can provide you with a complete set of props and specialty set pieces, to give your production that "Better than Broadway" look!

Call us! We are adding more shows all the time. Like Gaston's Musket for Disney's Beauty and the Beast!

Little Shop of Horrors 

​So you decided to put on Little Shop of Horrors this season at your theater or school. Now it hits you, "Where are we going to get Audrey II plants?" 

Instead of trying to build your own, rent Audrey II and almost every prop you need for the show from MurFX. 

These soft, lightweight, puppets are very easy to use by a professional or a high school student. They have been nominated for NJ Perry Awards for Props. And with your rental you get something special - rental includes 4 hours of in-person training on how to operate the plants, and how to get the most out of them in your production.

Jekyll & Hyde - the Musical

Jekyll would not be Hyde without his Laboratory equipment. MurFX has created Jekyll's Lab Glassware and Syringe to provide that ​magical transformation. The President of the Jekyll & Hyde Fan Club International was quoted saying, "this is the best J&H injection device I have seen in over 300 productions of the show, including Broadway"!

Jekyll's Syringe and associated HJ7 Flask contains a special glow, color changing, lighting effect that will make half your audience marvel at how it is done, and the
other half turn away from fear of syringes, as Jekyll magically injects himself.


Associated other props needed for the show are provided.


"These props add just the right touch of magic this show requires" Steve Lloyd,  Executive Director Haywood Arts Repertory Theatre


"There is one visual special- effect scene in the ... laboratory that is absolutely awesome." The Asheville Citizen- Times

Jean Shepherd's - A Christmas Story

Don't Shoot Your Eye Out trying to find every prop you need for this show! We've got them all! Red Ryder BB Guns, Bunny Suit, Leg Lamps. Everything you need, down to Mom's Red Chenille Bathrobe.

Over 60 props are in this set. Many of them are authentic antiques (like Little Orphan Annie's Decoder Pin). Where an authentic antique could not be obtained, they have been
painstakingly recreated (like our Lifebouy Soap bar).

Our founder grew up listening to the stories of Jean Shepherd on the radio, upon which A Christmas Story is based.  This made him uniquely qualified to construct this set of NJ Perry Award nominated Props. 

Interested in renting our props for your show? Let's Talk.​ 609-314-1489
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